The main goal of Hey Recruiter is to enable companies/employers from across industries to connect with the best recruiters with the most varied and diverse specializations and backgrounds possible that can help them in filling their open roles with qualified candidates. As such, we are committed to provide a safe and welcoming platform for both companies/employers and recruiters to carry out the recruitment process with ease and efficacy.

Expected Behaviours

The following behaviours are expected and requested of all recruiters using Hey Recruiter:

Compliance with relevant legislation and legal requirements (statutory and non-statutory), including future amendments to those legislation and legal requirements during the course of their service delivery to companies/employers.

Observance of the highest principles of honesty, integrity, professionalism in dealing with companies/employers and candidates, and strive to work in a fair and open competitive environment. Non-acceptance of job orders and instructions from companies/employers that may be discriminatory in any way. Wherever possible, provide guidance to companies/employers in respect to good diversity practices.

Establish and exercise work practices that safeguard against unlawful or unethical discrimination. Diligently assess risks of an engagement to both companies/employers and candidates, and immediately inform them if an engagement may put their health and safety in jeopardy. Provide accurate and complete information on each candidate's experience and qualifications, and only present candidates who have agreed for their employment application to be represented. Supply candidates with accurate and complete information as provided by the hiring business, regarding job descriptions, nature of work to be undertaken, salary and compensation, pay arrangements, and workplace environment.

Fully document the key phases of the recruitment process to keep companies/employers informed, and ensure constant communication with the companies/employers they are working with. Advertising, communications and solicitations will be conducted to the highest standards of integrity. All transactions with companies/employers shall be done within the Hey Recruiter platform and in a manner that is designed with the goals of helping companies/employers hire the right people and enhancing their operations.

Should recruiters take or agree to work outside the platform and Hey Recruiter finds out about it, their account will be suspended and they will no longer be allowed to use the platform. Hey Recruiter will not be liable if the business does not pay them. Acknowledge and respect the rights of competitors (other recruiters), refraining from engaging in acts that can result in unfair competition.

Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of a business or candidate's information. Recruiters must ensure they have obtained consent from companies/employers or candidates before disclosing, displaying, transferring or submitting personal information. Derive income only from companies/employers they work with and make no direct or indirect charges to candidates.


Consequences and Reporting

Failure to follow the outlined Code of Conduct above carries consequences. Minor infractions may result in temporary suspension of Hey Recruiter account. If offenses have been committed repeatedly, you may be asked to permanently leave the platform.

If you have witnessed a recruiter committing offenses against the guidelines mentioned in this Code of Conduct, or have any concerns relating to this document, please notify as immediately by writing to (insert email address here). You should also send us a message in the aforesaid email address if you feel that you have been falsely or unfairly accused of violating this Code of Conduct.