Expedite the process

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Whether your business is trying to fill a couple of positions or hiring at scale, recruiters can help expedite the process. Using their industry experience, these professionals can easily manage the overwhelming surge of applications your job postings will receive by tracking and sorting them using a proven process and with the help of technology. To provide you with a shortlists of the most qualified candidates, they will also throw in additional screening questions and even take care of the initial interview phase, all while keeping you informed of what is happening throughout the process. The point here is that you will be able to free up your hands from the numerous functions that recruitment entails and focus your attention on running your business while you simply wait to choose the right candidates for your open roles.

Wider reach

Many recruiters build relationships with a diverse range of candidates, from entry-level applicants to C-level ones. And they constantly add new contacts to their networks as it is part of their job to do so. With that, it is easier for them to have access to talents from across industries, which translates to more and better candidate selection even for your hard-to-fill roles.

Source passive candidates

The best people for your open roles are usually not on the market. They are either employed by your competitors or are in roles they are not happy about. The great thing about recruiters is that they know this and it is highly likely that they already have relationships with these prospective candidates. They will use the time and resources at their disposal to reach out to these individuals and present them with career options that can appeal to their preferences and encourage them to make the switch. Basically, when you work with recruiters, you have more access to candidates that are difficult to directly connect with.

In-depth vetting

Selecting the right person for a job can lead to considerable cost-savings for your company, and recruiters play an integral role in achieving this outcome. Recruiters know exactly what to look for when going over CVs, profiles and portfolios. They also know the right questions to ask during interviews, enabling them to reveal a candidate's reputation, experience and character. Likewise, they have the resources available to look into other pertinent information about a candidate, including their employment history, education, licensing, criminal records--all of which can reveal if a person can bring value to your business or pose risk to your operations.

Receive guarantees

Majority of recruiters operate in a contingency basis. This mean they accept job orders from client companies, but those job orders are not exclusive to them. They will be competing with other recruiters to find the right candidates to fill those orders, and they have control over how they advertise the open roles. Recruiters only get paid once they are able to successfully place a candidate with a company and, depending on the agreement, when the person stays within the company for a specific length of time. With this recruitment model, you can work with several recruiters at the same time without necessarily paying any upfront fee. That increases your chances of getting qualified candidates since recruiters will put in the effort and resources to make that happen.